No Batchelor Award this Year, But What a Ride!

Dear Friends:

Thank you so much for the outpouring of kind words and wishes. While I did not take the prize this year (which would have been a repeat of last year), I saw good friends, like minded folks, and enjoyed the evening immensely!

I really look forward to reading “The World’s Fastest Hot Rod” by Greg Sharp! The other Finalist was Peter Egan, who is a writer hero of mine with his Road
and Track Article, “The Dillinger Trail” and it was wonderful to be included in such esteemed company.

Tambay the Phoenix was my best written work to date, in my opinion, and it was treated very respectfully by everyone, especially presenter Kevin Smith, who gave it a very warm introduction while announcing the finalists.

Am I disappointed? Of course. I am a highly competitive person. Will I lose sleep over it? Highly doubtful as I am satisfied with the product–and am certainly not finished creating. I begin working on my first book at the end of this week and have a number of articles ready to execute–and who knows– other awards may be there.

Special thanks to Patrick Tambay, who was so very kind to participate as the subject of this story. He remains one of my lifelong heroes and I am proud to know him and honor him in my body of work. To my dear friend Edmund Jenks, who has been a go-to guy from almost the day I got here in California.

Tambay the Phoenix is being published in Europe in several parts at and a whole new group of people will be exposed to this heroic and emotional tale.

Thanks again everyone! Hope your Holidays are full of love!


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