Jay Leno’s Garage

So the video was released today and to say I am grateful is the understatement of my life. Jay Leno is a really cool guy, most of all though, he is a real enthusiast.

As a historian, to walk through the collection of many historic, unmolested and, for that matter, very unusual cars is a treat that very few have the privilege. Further, I was very excited to be able to share this experience with my dad–who has been dining out on the experience since that day. Then throw in a serious on-camera chat with Jay about your topic….Wow!

Winning the Dean Batchelor award has been, in some weird way, like winning a beauty contest–which generally does not happen for people who have a face for radio. It affords you opportunities that you might not get without the crown. Now, have I received the key to the city? No. Do more automotive editors take my calls? Sometimes. Have I tried hard to exploit this gratifying award to my personal gain? My wife tells me I haven’t–and incidentally she still has not read the article…

If anything, this award, beyond the wonderful things my kids do, was my proudest moment to date–and I am not afraid to share that. However the last thing I want people to think is that all I do in support of this honor is a self-aggrandizing pursuit. In reality, I am just another guy trying to feed his family and chase his passions in this life. As Chris Buckley’s character, Spin Doctor Nick Naylor said in the book “Thank You For Smoking”, “everyone does what they do to pay a mortgage somewhere.”

Without sounding in-genuine, I really am grateful to so many for support and love (you know who you are) that continue to drive my confidence and passion. I certainly hope for more moments like this….


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