The 38 Hours of Daytona–Some late night thoughts…

Welcome to Tuesday morning NASCAR!

1:00 Local time (EST) on Tuesday Morning and Matt Kenseth has finally pulled into Winners Circle after just about anything that could go wrong in a race, save a fatality, did.

Rain, explosions of Jet Fuel???, crashes. By the time the race had finished, the infield was done drinking Budweiser and now sipping on Starbucks in hopes to see the end of this debacle.

It will be even more interesting to see how the format of Monday Night Auto Racing played out on Fox–at least they didn’t have to compete with the Oscars. USA Today, in a lengthy interview with Texas Motor Speedway President and “PR Maven” Eddie Gossage declared that the Monday Night concept had been discussed, but no one wanted to pull the trigger on it–until Mother Nature forced NASCAR and Fox Sports’ hand. One thing is for sure, it was quite the spectacle. Consider the last major delay of the race–when Mr. Wonderful himself, Juan Pablo Montoya slammed into a jet dryer under caution, lighting up the Daytona Night sky with the equivalent of a airline crash. Fortunately the dryer driver was unhurt. As for Montoya–as always–it was “someone else’s fault.” If you think I am kidding, just look at some of the fine footage of this privileged Colombian Nobleman as he knocks over little kids seeking autographs, walks into cameras while not looking, then tries to beat up the cameraman for “Breaking my F***ing head”.

Can you tell I am the president of the JPM fan club?

A very interesting beginning to what should be a even more interesting season.

Congratulations to Matt Kenseth… You certainly outlasted even the best of endurance drivers in the 38 Hours of Daytona.


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