Talladega, FIA, McLaren

As the F1 Circus looks to a brand new Venue in India, this past weekend brought us home to the comfort food of speedways, Talladega, Alabama.

One of the Original Super Speedways with a feel as Confederate as General Robert E. Lee, the Big T saw action from those restricter plate machines and a nearly photo finish victory for Clint Boyer just beating out teammate Jeff Burton after pushing him to the lead in the two-by-two dance. Boyer’s victory successfully defended his crown from last year and ended a 35 race winless streak.

Max Mosley, just cannot seem to stay out of the news, despite his retirement as head of the FIA. He expressed his support for the International Sanctioning Body and ACCUS here in the states to help IndyCar investigate the tragic mishap at LasVegas. His main suggestion: cockpit canopies. After the 2009 death of Henry Surtees from an errant tire, this has been much on his mind-renewed less than a fortnight ago. It is an interesting concept, but I would think that the investigation would be more attentive to the catch fencing–and the cables and ties that hold them in place. We shall see.

With a McLaren victory at the hands of Lewis Hamilton in Korea, it will be very interesting to see if they can continue to take the fight to Red Bull as the 2011 F1 season winds down with a champion already crowned. India should prove to be a field leveler, and it is at this point of the season that development shifts its focus to the 2012 drawing board, away from the track.

Last week was certainly an emotional one in motor racing and there almost seems to be a lull aside from the very tight chase for the Sprint Cup More to come on predictions for India and Martinsville.


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