Welcome Back to an Old friend

A long time ago in a galaxy strewn with car parts, half-built sheds and a rickety old house on a plot of land surrounded by a new Housing development–to which most have been emptied due to foreclosure, came an unlikely radio personality. Calling in to The Dawn Patrol Radio program, the Redneck began slinging wits with me in what became a full blown segment: Tom and The Redneck On Motorsports. The following got good enough that after the show was cancelled–by me–not that those things ever happen in radio, Tom and The Redneck On Motorsports sought greener pastures on a few other radio programs talking F1, IndyCar, NASCAR and all things that go fast on four wheels. Landing here on a new page, OnMotorsports.com. Redneck, having recently acquiring his very first mobile phone at the St. Vincent dePaul Thrift Store: a 1991 GE bag phone, he reconnected with me. In between dropped calls, static and power failures–I have AT&T–we reunited and I gave him this space on the OnMotorsports.com website to talk about all his favorite stuff: his dogs, critter dejour recipes and most of all, NASCAR. So sit back and enjoy the ride… He has found a new girl friend to translate this into readable English. so with no further adieu: Presenting the Redneck!


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