Its Racing time in Wisconsin (again).

Wisconsin for me has always meant Fabled Racetracks and the great drivers who came to race on them.

Probably my favorite spot on earth, Road America is about to enter it’s busy season with the June Sprints, the Nationwide and Grand Am series, KIC (the Brian Redman Historics), ALMS and The Valvoline SCCA National Championship Runoffs. It is an absolute marvel to experience the sights, sounds and smells including Bratwurst and Butter dipped corn….

Then, absent from the calendar for the last couple of years, the Legendary Milwaukee Mile returns with the help of State Fair officials to again Host a 225 lap champcar race which is always a thriller…. As Paul Newman’s character, Frank Capua, in the 1969 Classic “Winning” says, “We always go to Milwaukee after Indy…” While that tradition has been broken, there is without a doubt a sigh from the faithful as the screams of those cars return to the Nations oldest active race track.

A certain warmth washes over me as this part of the year approaches, like an old friend, that favorite blanket–there is comfort in being at those places. Places I have known all my life. It must have been interesting to be a bug on the wall as I was trying to explain the finer points of Indy Car and F5000 racing to my classmates in 2nd grade–nearly 40 years ago–after returning home from those storied places that formed my passion very early in life.

After the Indy Cars, Milwaukee will hear the sounds of those great Offy Indycars as the Miller Motorsports club puts on their annual exhibition–I just love rolling art shows!

If you haven’t been to any of these events in person, I encourage you to check ’em out.

We shall see you next week with more news, opinions, and some video footage of our adventures this year….


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