Obviously, Damn it!….. Cheers and Tears…. An Anniversary of the Most Unique Race Ever

The season opening Australian Grand Prix, which was supposed to be the second race of 2011, saw the Red Bull of 23 year-old German, Sebastien Vettel continue where he left off in October–with a dominant win.

But the elation of Vettel, McLaren’s ability to prevail over a problematic off-season with Lewis Hamilton capturing 2nd had nothing on the joy of a first podium for Russian Vitaly Petrov. There is nothing quite like seeing a first or second year driver attain the next level. Certainly, with recovering Robert Kubica absent from the Lotus Renault Team due to horrific injuries suffered in a crash 45 days ago in an Italian Rally, the Gold and Black team had much to smile about…

How Obvious can this be????
Now off to the post race and qualifying interviews, where much like when Michael Schumacher was wearing Scarlet–you hear the German National Anthem and a word that has irritated the *#@! out of me dating back to Schumi’s regular visits to the rostrum: “OBVIOUSLY!”

I am not sure if this is a German thing. It seems to be contagious amongst F1 drivers. When I am garnering information as these guys are answering questions in the pressroom, WHY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL GOOD THINGS do these guys think that what they are saying is OBVIOUS to the viewer? If F1, with it’s NASA technology, Blinding quickness–and pretty girls–is that obvious, why are 100 million viewers tuning in every two weeks?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

I have been a student of the English language, in many of it’s dialects and inflections, my whole life. The only time I use the word “obviously” is if someone else’s elocution is something that they have wasted their breath saying–or–if I am wasting my breath making a point. Either way, the pejorative nature of this word is something that I have begun to find almost offensive when it is uttered up to twenty times in the course of three answers. The Finns did it too–Mika Hakkinen, Kimi….

Perhaps there can be a drivers support group for finding other adverbs to use…

Indubitably, here should be a 10 grid spot penalty for this gross infraction of the language in any interview–écoutez-vous, Jean Todt????

The Danica Watch
Trading tin tops for open wheel at St. Pete, DP was there as the Izod Indycar Series began it’s season on the bumpy airport/street circuit…

She started 18th–lucky for her as she was able to slow down in plenty of time to avoid the first corner melee that ended with teamate, Marco Andretti resting on his head in a pileup involving Ryan Hunter Reay, Mike Conway, and Helio Castroneves…. Just like the British Formula Ford Festival where Danica scored a podium through attrition. Then she continued to sit back and wait for attrition to end up 12th as Dario Franchitti checked out and 2010 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year Simona de Silvestro pressured Tony Kannan from the last round of pit stops to the checker for her best-ever Indycar finish: 4th.

Here’s a chick with a REAL future as the 22 year old Swiss, Simona de Silvestro drove aggressive but smart. While the boys piled up on each other in turn one during the restarts, she bashed her way through to second early in the race.

The last 20 laps was an exciting nose to tail battle for third and much like Seb Vettel not using KERS at Australia, Simona did not use her “Push to Pass” button until almost the very end–great drive!

Way to Go Bakersfield Boy!

After only 18 tries at Fontana, Kevin Harvick, who grew up about 150 miles from Auto Club Motor Speedway won the Auto Club 400. This prevented another sweep for Kyle Busch, who led 151 laps, but ended up third.

A Very Sad Obituary

My condolences to Chris Economaki, who since age 13, in 1934 has been publishing National Speed Sport News and has been given the title of Dean of Motorsports. Sadly, the legendary weekly has closed it’s doors to publishing an in-hand medium of every racing series under the sun, from the World Championships to the small-town clay and dirt ovals.

“It’s the saddest day of my life”, said Economaki, the Great Grand Nephew of Robert E Lee.

Many of us in the racing media grew up with this paper and learned weekly about heroes, villains and new heroes as the comprehensive coverage wowed us.

Unfortunately for NSSN, we are living in a world of shifting paradigms, even the icons must make room for the next technologies, mediums and ideas….

They are still online so check em out here: http://www.nationalspeedsportnews.com/

The Questor Grand Prix Quietly Turns 40

A shopping mall, hotel and industrial area now sits on an area that until 1980 was the Ontario Motor Speedway. In 1971, a race that saw F1 take on Formula A (5000) with a star-studded cast that included race winner Mario Andretti, Pole sitter Jackie Stewart and a literal who’s who of motor racing in the day. American racers The Unsers, Foyt, Adamowicz, Posey, Grable, Donahue, Connon, Follmer took on World Championship contenders Gethin, Peterson, Fittipaldi, Ickx, Amon Hulme, Hill, Rodriguez….

Happy Anniversary Questor Grand Prix! March 28, 1971. Enjoy middle age!

Buy QGP Memorabilia HERE: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140525033765&var=&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT


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