Tilke, Patrick and Another Week of Seasons Not Starting…

So we have missed a week of Formula One.

It seems that the world’s crisis’ has put a damper on my favorite sport. Regime changes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis…

The good news is there is always Australia…at least for now. According to latest reports, Mr. Ecclestone, in a very salesman-like fashion has announced that they are having problems coming to terms on the extension of the Australian GP contract.

“In the case of Melbourne, if the product is too expensive for them, we understand that and when the contract comes to an end there’s no need to renew it. We wouldn’t force somebody to buy something that they don’t want or think is too expensive. We get massive worldwide television coverage – but if that’s not important well, okay, don’t buy the product.”

For our friends down under, the Australian GP is a “rites of autumn” as the Southern Hemisphere heads towards winter–for the rest of us, Australia was the kickoff to another year of the slam-bang eat ‘em and spit ‘em out open wheel madness and politics of F1.

It seems F1 wants Albert Park, which is transformed each year to a temporary street circuit, to become a permanent, state of the art racing facility. For an estimated cost of $14 Million, Hermann Tilke could ruin another great course. Don’t even get me started on Tilke…. Actually yes, Tilke.

One just has to look at what used to be the glorious Hockenheimring–flowing high speed straights into the dense forest and out into the twisty-turny stadium section…. Now just one big stadium…. Then lets look at a bunch of other of these cookie cutter racetracks with no elevation changes, China, Malaysia, war-torn Bahrain….

F1 commentator Steve Matchett said it best when he told me, “If (Bahrain) could build a man-made island in the sea, you would think they would have the resources to build a racetrack with some elevation changes.”

So on to Bristol… Kyle Busch, who in my opinion should have tried F1 several years ago, cut through the bumping and banging and overheated brakes (don’t you just LOVE the Brake-cam?) and a race off pit-road to take a classic win at the Bristol TN short-track. This makes it 5 in a row at the Bullring for the LasVegas native who also swept the weekend with the Nationwide victory! Carl Edwards ad Jimmie Johnson gave chase for the final 60 laps–including a restart with 37 to go…… the three pulled away but the two runners up never seemed to put much pressure on Busch–so some drama, but perhaps not enough. Congrats Kyle, well done!


From the Indiana SB Nation: “She put on a show of displeasure, walking up the track and giving (Ryan) Truex a “What the hell?” gesture with her arms extended, then complained to ESPN that Truex “runs hard.”

Gosh I thought that the Nationwide series was as gentle as a cheerleader pillow fight…

“So while the wreck wasn’t Patrick’s fault, the part-time NASCAR driver isn’t doing herself any favors with fans who are still deciding whether they like her or not.
Longtime NASCAR fans have seen that type of incident hundreds of times, and typically both drivers treat it as “that’s racin’.” Meanwhile, those type of angry gestures are typically reserved for a driver who made a much bigger mistake than Truex did – or acted intentionally.
Truex, for his part, was immediately apologetic after the race and emphasized he didn’t mean to run into Patrick.”

Settle down girl! How about showing some class for a change? Oh I forgot, you do that when you strip down to your underwear and make out with another Go-Daddy Girl. Makes me want to switch Hosts….

So how many of you think that Michael Schumacher has a win or two left in him as this season marks the second year of his two-year deal with Mercedes? Inquiring minds want to know….

Hey, until next week: as my friend Randy Riggs at Vintage Motorsport says: “Revs Up!”


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